What is CrossFit

Keep in mind the UK Governments advocate fitness too.

CrossFit is a physical strengthening and conditioning program aimed at acquiring complete and general well-being.

It is defined as “the sport of fitness” and consists in carrying out “constantly varied high-intensity functional movements”.

Functional movements are compound movements that involve multiple muscle and joint districts, are performed with contractions ranging from the center to the extremity and mimic the motor recruitment patterns of everyday life.

The goal of CF1 CrossFit is to enhance individual competence in all physical activities and prepare athletes for any eventuality and physical challenge, training all recognized physical abilities:

  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Resistance
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Coordination
  • Power
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Equilibrium
  • Power
  • Accuracy

The success of the CF1 CrossFit program is due to the abandonment of any training routine. In fact, no routine, regardless of its completeness, allows to obtain the same results, in terms of strength development and conditioning, compared to a fitness based on various and wide stimuli.

CF1 CrossFit is also used as a training program by both professional and non-professional athletes, military and law enforcement, giving everyone great benefits in terms of sports performance.

How is the training structured?

The environment where the CrossFit activity takes place is called BOX.

Inside the box every day you will find a different workout from the previous day; this workout is called WOD (Workout Of the Day) and groups the set of exercises for the day.

The course consists of classes of 12-20 people.

The class lasts 1 hour and is divided as follows:

How many times a week do you train?CF1 CrossFit model recommends 3 days ON and 1 day OFF.

This regimen, while being the most efficient for increasing both intensity and recovery, cannot always be compatible with personal commitments and with the common 5-day ON and 2-day OFF scheme, which seems to govern most habits. weekly.

For this reason CF1 fitness recommend to beginners a frequency of 3 weekly workouts always accompanied by 1 session of Mobility during the rest days.

Once you have reached a more complete and in-depth training level through a progressive increase in workload, the ideal is to do 5 CrossFit classes per week, always accompanied by at least 1 Mobility session during the rest days.

Training methods

The purpose of any WOD is to perform a certain amount of exercises as fast as possible. This execution can take place according to different rules:

• The AMRAP method: It is the acronym of As Many Reps As Possible, translated: as many repetitions as possible. Therefore it is a question of carrying out, within a predetermined time, the greatest possible number of repetitions of one or more exercises, individually or structured in a circuit.

• The FOR TIME (or AFAP) method: This is the acronym for As Fast As Possible, that is: as fast as possible. It consists in performing a predetermined number of repetitions or rounds in the shortest possible time.

• The EMOM method: It is the acronym for Every Minute On Minute, that is: every minute at the beginning of the minute. It is a kind of interval training, in which within the minute or minutes there is a work time and a recovery time. The work always starts at every stroke of the minute / s. Recovery time is nothing more than the time remaining within the minute or minutes themselves.

Within an affiliated official BOX, such as Standout CrossFit, you will find workouts with elements belonging to different domains, such as Gymnastics (Gymnastic), Olympic Weightlifting (Weightlifting and Powerlifting) and Endurance (Endurance). In fact, you will be asked to jump rope, do Olympic lifts, climb a rope, do pull-ups, row, run, jump, throw the medicine ball, carry weight and much more.

To do all this, you need a large, specially equipped and organized structure that you won’t find in any classic gym.

What changes from the traditional gym?


CrossFit encourages mutual support and being together. You don’t train individually but you feel part of a “group”.
The pit mates are both our opponents and our first supporters.


Each lesson lasts one hour. CrossFit replaced isolation movements and long aerobic sessions with compound movements and short, high intensity cardiovascular sessions. He thus concentrated in one hour the 2 or 3 hour sessions usually carried out in gyms and sports centers around the world.


It gives results in a short time and the first improvements are noticeable after a couple of months. The reason? Why the movim

functional and high-intensity bodies, thanks to their high neuroendocrine response, are radically more effective in achieving almost all the desired results for physical fitness.


Not individual muscles are trained, but the body as a whole. CrossFit is designed to provide general and non-specific preparation for a certain area, in this way the body improves in a homogeneous and proportionate way.


The variety of the type of training and the tools used make this discipline very fun. There is no boredom and monotony.

Is it suitable for me?

Of course! Your needs and those of Olympians differ in level, not in type. The extraordinary truth is that the same methods that produce an optimal response in professional or Olympic athletes will allow the same results to be obtained even for newbies.

Through a complete and in-depth training, with a progressive workload, CrossFit is able to teach anyone who cares about their physical form to perform the same movements used in high-level competitive contexts safely and with maximum effectiveness.

A novice or an experienced athlete will perform the same WOD, with the difference that the novice will be able to scale the level of difficulty in terms of decreased intensity, load, duration and / or number of repetitions.

This means, for example, that if there is a Squat in the Workout of the day, the neophyte will perform his repetitions without overload, sitting on a bench if needed, while the advanced athlete will use a suitable weight.

CrossFit training is therefore suitable for climbing and adapting to any level, always preserving the nature of the stimulus required, and can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their experience.

Do I have to follow a special diet?

The answer is it depends.

It depends on your goal and how determined you are to achieve it.

With bad nutrition you won’t go anywhere in terms of optimal performance. If you want the best results and performance, you will need the best fuel.

At the base of every sport there is always a diet that is as balanced as possible.

For this reason, nutrition plays a fundamental role in fitness.

Proper nutrition can, in fact, amplify or decrease the effect of one’s training efforts.

An effective diet consists of a moderate amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

If, on the other hand, following a controlled diet is not for you or you want to get there gradually, our advice is to start avoiding foods with long expirations and prefer fresh foods.

Contacting a professional in the sector, such as a Nutritionist Biologist, is certainly the best choice for achieving the objectives.

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